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Produced in 50 M.P.A Precast Prestressed

Our new innovative fast-track lintel systems to span wide wall apertures developed with and by professional engineers, is supplied in five formats:

(1)  The Slimlin Laminated Lintel Assembly

  * Specifically designed to span 4800mm wide garage door apertures:
  * Comprises three tapered beams supplied up to 5400mm long and 250mm
  * Pre-engineered and assembled width of 200mm wide to carry gable and
     parapet walls
  * One hour simple erection time onto well set brickwork, ready to accept
     immediate further construction
  * No props, no shutterwork, no reinforcing steel and no on site concrete

(2)  The
Kwiklin Shutter Beams
Designed to create a bearer beam for heavy duty applications, e.g. carrying decks, spans up to 6,9 meters, wide stack door apertures, cantilever beams etc.

  * Comprises two L shaped beams supplied up to 7800mm long and 250mm
     deep, assembled width 210mm wide
  * Simply erected to create a U shape which can, if necessary, be infilled with
     reinforcing and concrete, for extra bearing capacity
  * Site specific application to be specified by engineer using the design charts
  * No props, no shutterwork, put into immediate use after erection

(3)  The WiNlin Hitec Lintel Beams
Where a non-sagging extra load carry capacity lintel is required, for example, over sliding doors and large window apertures.
A three beam laminate system (as for the
Slimlin) supplied in 3 beam heights.  All create an assembled width of about 190mm wide.

  * Winlin 170 span up to 3.5 meters opening (170mm deep i.e. 2 brick
  * Winlin 200 span up to 4.5 meters opening (200mm deep 1 course metric
  * Winlin 250 span up to 6 meters opening (250mm deep 3 brick courses)

Beams can be supplied up to 7 meters long.

See construction notes for diagrams, installation instructions, and capacity chart.

All at half the cost and a tenth of the time definitely the best construction industry innovation of the century.




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