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Windeck is a prestressed concrete, manually-assembled, suspended floor system comprising precast concrete beams and reinforced concrete tiles.  Dimensionally, Windeck is based on a 450 mm module.  The Windeck assembly results in a sef-finished tile top surface and off the shutter underside surfaces.  Other floor finishes may be applied if desired.  Windeck accepts electrical cabling between tiles before grouting and tooling, and is fire and sound resistant.

The Windeck Suspended Floor and Deck System brings a new approach to suspended flooring and is a cost effective alternative to in-situ concrete slabs and suspended wooden floors and decks:

Use Windeck for:

  • Suspended floors in new double-storey residential and commercial buildings
  • to add additional floors to existing buildings eg: over double garages
  • to replace rotten or damaged suspended wooden floors and decks
  • to install mezzanine floors in existing double volumes
  • to build outdoor patios, balconies, elevated decks etc
  • to convert existing accessible flat roofs into useable floors & decks
  • to install a suspended floor at ground level without the expense and problems of fill and Slab methods.  This application is particularly useful on steeply sloping sites where access presents problems or where rising damp is endemic.
The following table illustrates the reduction in the transmission in airbourne
sound through Windeck tiles compared to other construction media:
  Construction Media  Single value
  WiNdeck tile  46dB
  170mm concrete slab  53dB
  22mm wooden floor  24dB
  110 brick wall, plastered
  both sides

For further design and application assistance go to the detailed design and construction notes.





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