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The challenge

Staircases present many problems.  Floor-to-floor heights vary as do riser and tread dimensions.  Typically, skilled carpenters set out and build the shuttering with extensive propping and specially designed reinforcing being required before the concrete is poured, adding to the general mess and congestion in the very place where easy access to upper floors would enhance efficiency and project completion.

The solution
Winstep* addressed all these problems effectively, bringing to the site, precast concrete components stringer beams and treads that are simply and quickly assembled and require no further finishing except paint, carpet or floor tiles.  The same range of Winstep* components may be used to create concrete walkways ramps, access walkways, elevated cat-walks and bridges.
Winstep* is suitable for both internal and external use in the industrial, commercial, recreational and domestic environments and is available in either open or closed (riser) alternatives.


Precast concrete treads with radiused undersides are glued into matching scalloped stringer beams.  The pitch of the scallops is constant (Fig. 1).  As the stringer beams are raked to the required angle, the treads are rotated in the scallops to their level position and glued in place.  The riser heights and the tread lengths thus vary to accommodate the rake, and maintain the geometry of goof stair design (Fig. 2).  A special adhesive has been selected to bond the concrete components together.

Cost Implications
The Winstep system affords incredible time and cost savings.

* No shuttering
* No props
* No reinforcing steel
* No on site concrete to cast cure
   and finish
* Simple erection procedures up to 50% cost saving. Erection to
   use 2 days max

For further design and application assistance go to the detailed construction design and construction notes.




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